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I have struggled with weight since I was 13 years old, trying every diet in the book, but always gaining back A LOT! I never believed I would ever fit into single digit clothing sizes. Being a full time musician, with a full time day job and a Mom, it was difficult to find time for me to eat healthy and live healthy. I hit 195lbs (I’m 5’2”) and was nearing diabetic territory. Seeing myself in magazine photos made me depressed-I had to do something. I was referred to Peggy and EveryBody Wellness. Peggy welcomed me with open arms and made me feel confident that I could really do this. I lost 8 lbs the first week and 2-4 lbs a week consistently. I couldn’t believe it. The more I lost and met with Peggy, the more motivated I  was. In 9 months I was in a size 4!!! I did it!!! I reached my goal of losing 60 lbs and was on my way to a healthy life-I no longer felt bloated, sweaty and tired. My life truly changed and I owe it all to Peggy and Ideal!

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