I began EveryBody Wellness after my own personal weight loss journey with Ideal Protein. As a registered nurse with experience in several fields, I know that obesity in the United States is increasing at an alarming rate. Obesity is directly related to many health problems such as coronary heart disease,  high cholesterol, hypertension, liver and gallbladder problems and Type II diabetes.


The journey into weight loss is a personal and intimate one.  We work individually and confidentially with each of our clients to determine and achieve your goal. From the moment you enter our door we become a team. Weight loss is not just losing excess fat pounds-weight loss, for us, is helping you to lose weight and more importantly to maintain your loss. Our team of registered nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and certified weight loss coaches are committed to educating our clients in the understanding of the impact food has on the body, the mechanism we need to activate in order to lose fat and the food combinations that may lead to fat storage.


With our help, this can be the last diet you’ll ever need because you learn how your body responds to food and this knowledge will give you tremendous power in managing your lifestyle.

Peggy Rodriguez RN, BSN


Peggy Rodriguez 


Yvette Pettus


Leah Whann 

Registered Dietitian



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We offer very flexible hours to accommodate our client’s busy schedules.

We can accommodate weekend and evening appointments.